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Plan B - Dining at home

We understand how frustrating it is that you are now not able join with your family and close friends for dinner in your favorite restaurant due to the recent restrictions placed on Niagara residents.

So, we have adapted our menus to better serve you. You can now pre-order your favorite dinner, freshly prepared and packaged ready for you to heat and serve in the comfort of your own home. Look on the bright side; there are actually a few benefits; you get to save on the tax and gratuity and can drink good wine without busting the bank! so before the LCBO gets closed down, grab a couple of bottles of your favorite wine and choose a dinner menu to share with your nearest and dearest.

The most popular dish has been our AAA Merlot Braised Beef Short Rib dinner, it is simply melt in your mouth delicious and any leftovers are great for re-heating the next day.

Like you, we look forward to the day when we can enjoy visiting our favorite restaurants, pubs and wineries but until then we shall be enjoying the comfort of our home with those that we are allowed to be with!

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